Hydrogen Experience Centre - First aid for children

Hybrid Training Centre

Every week we welcome a number of visitors to the Hydrogen Experience Centre. Whether local residents or visitors from further afield, the team is always keen to discuss this exciting programme and talk about how hydrogen can be used in the home.

Last month, it was fantastic to have some of the students and tutors visit us from the Hybrid Training Centre. Located in Liverpool, the centre provides training to develop skills within the building services sector, including training new gas engineers, electricians and plumbers.

During their visit to the HEC, students were provided with a full project update and a tour of the centre, which included pancake making using our hydrogen cookers.

The group enjoyed their visit and gave us great feedback, saying that they enjoyed learning about hydrogen and its use as a future energy source for our homes.

Cheshire West Voluntary Action Group

Our meeting room space at the HEC is available for use by the community and we’ve been delighted to host Cheshire West Voluntary Action group for some of their training sessions.

Speaking about the using of the HEC for community training sessions John Buchanan, Training Officer for Cheshire Voluntary Action, said:

“By providing a free meeting/training space, Cadent’s Hydrogen Centre ensures that local community groups, especially those with limited financial resources, have access to a suitable venue for their gatherings. This promotes inclusivity and allows a diverse range of community members to participate, irrespective of their economic status.

“It promotes collaboration and networking by bringing together different community groups and charities, thereby fostering further collaborations, training opportunities and valuable networking. Most importantly, it allows local organisations and individuals to connect, share their experiences, and explore potential partnerships.

“For Cheshire West Voluntary Action, this centre is now an essential feature within the landscape of community action and social change within Ellesmere Port.”

The Boaty Theatre Group

In addition to hosting CWVA, we are also thrilled to have a local writing group use the space every Wednesday evening.

The Boaty Theatre is an award-winning theatre company for young people based in Ellesmere Port. They recently lost the space they were using and reached out to the Hydrogen Village team to see if they could use the space at the centre. The group was one of the recipients of a donation from the Hydrogen Village Community Fund, and it’s great to be able to continue to work closely with them.