In September, we wrote to households within the proposed Whitby Hydrogen Village area to explain how despite the trial not going ahead in the area, any and all feedback from residents would continue to play an important role in exploring how the UK can heat homes and businesses in the future.

Eligible households were invited to take part in a final survey to share views on the updated proposal, published in March 2023 (which provided a choice to remain on natural gas) as well as the possibility of heating and cooking being converted to hydrogen.

This survey has now been drawn to a close and we made a commitment to share the output. In total, we received 161 responses.

50% of residents who took part in the survey told us they felt positive about the programme; 34% felt negative, and 15% felt neutral.

When asked about primary heating system preferences, 52% of respondents said they would have chosen a hydrogen boiler, 36% would remain on natural gas and 31% were undecided.

We are grateful to the community for taking part in resident surveys and taking the time to provide valuable feedback on the proposed hydrogen village trial.