In July, Cadent and British Gas notified all households within the proposed Whitby Hydrogen Village programme area the Government had announced Whitby is no longer being considered as the location for the UK’s first hydrogen village trial.  Savanta, Cadent and British Gas are grateful to the community for taking part in previous resident surveys and taking the time to provide valuable feedback on the proposed hydrogen village trial.

Even though the trial is not going ahead in Whitby, the views of residents still matter and can ensure that the Government hears what customers say as they continue to develop their net zero policy.  Feedback from residents will play a vital role in exploring how the UK can heat homes and businesses in an environmentally friendly way in the future.

Therefore, it’s important for Cadent and British Gas to know how residents felt about the trial following the updated proposal published in March 2023 (which enabled you to opt in or out of the programme) and about the possibility of your heating and cooking being converted to hydrogen.

A survey has been designed to gather views from households that would have been in the Whitby Hydrogen Village programme area. It should take approximately 10 mins to complete and we are seeking one response per household. Please note that we received feedback the last residents’ survey was too long and have therefore made this a shorter survey.

As a thank you for your time, upon completing the survey, your household will be offered a £10 shopping voucher or an equivalent donation to the People’s Pantry. Only one of these can be claimed per household.

Please use the QR code provided to access the survey. The survey will ask for your household’s unique username and password which are on the letter. There is also an option to type the link to the survey into your device.

Please note that the online survey will be available to complete up until 5pm Sunday 17th September 2023.

This survey is being conducted by Savanta, an independent market research agency. Your feedback will be treated with complete confidentiality and all results will be reported at a combined, not individual level, unless you give your permission first. Savanta is affiliated to the Market Research Society and abides by its strict Code of Conduct.

Savanta is an independent research agency and Cadent has only provided your contact details so that they can send you this invite. We promise that we won’t contact you about anything else, nor will we pass your details on to anyone else.

If you would like to take the survey but do not regularly use the internet, please see the details provided in the letter explaining how to contact Savanta. Once you have contacted them you will have two options:

  1. Request that one of our team call you back to take you through the survey over the phone.
  2. Request a paper copy of the survey to be sent to you. This will be accompanied by a pre-paid envelope for you to return the completed survey back to us. Please note that this option is only available up to Friday 8th

These two options will not be available if your household has already completed the online survey.

A copy of the letter has been sent to every household within the Whitby Hydrogen Village programme area. However, if you know of a friend or neighbour who has not received their copy, please provide them with our email address and/or telephone number.

Help us to ensure that the voice of the customer is considered in the UK’s future net zero plans by completing this survey – we’d like to hear from as many households as possible. We will share the survey results with you later this year.