Cadent is aware that a survey asking for feedback about the Hydrogen Village programme has been published by a group of local residents. The survey is featured on a leaflet titled ‘Whitby Hydrogen Village Survey’ and has been delivered to properties in the Whitby area.

We respect the right of local residents to share information in the community and gather feedback. However, in order to ensure that the views of individual residents are protected and to avoid confusion, we wanted to make clear that this is not an official piece of communication by the Hydrogen Village team and to encourage residents to submit feedback via official channels.

As part of the Hydrogen Village programme, which is being overseen by the Government and Ofgem, Cadent is undertaking a full and thorough programme of research to understand local views, concerns, and questions. This research programme has been shared with the Government, and we work with reputable independent market research agencies (such as Field Mouse and Savanta) to carry out this work. PricewaterhouseCoopers has also been commissioned as an independent third party to monitor and evaluate the delivery of the consumer research and engagement.

Importantly, by working with market research agencies that are accredited by the Market Research Society (MRS) the body which makes sure market research is carried out properly in England, and need to comply with its Code of Conduct we ensure that your data is protected under GDPR and is anonymised (unless you agree to share your details with us). The feedback being collected via these official channels will also help us to make informed decisions about the programme and will be reported to the Government and Ofgem, who will decide on the location of the Hydrogen Village programme.

Residents and businesses in Whitby will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the programme before this decision is made in 2023 should you choose to do so. If you have not yet completed a questionnaire, one way you can do so is at our community information events on Tuesday 13th December 2022 and Tuesday 10th January 2023. Further details: https://hydrogenvillage.com/community-information-events-announced/