We're changing our proposal for the Village programme

Over the last ten months, we have heard a huge range of views about the proposals for the Hydrogen Village in Whitby – a pioneering programme to explore how our country could reduce carbon emissions by making heating and cooking more environmentally-friendly.

We thank you for taking the time to speak to us. We have listened to feedback from across the local community and we understand how important it is that you have a choice about your involvement in the programme.

On this basis, we are changing the proposal we submit to Government for the Whitby Hydrogen Village. The Government will then decide later this year whether the programme goes ahead here or in the other proposed location in Redcar.

Our new proposal for Whitby ensures that you have choice in whether you participate or not.

There will be two clear options, these options mean you can choose to:

Get involved in the Hydrogen Village programme and use hydrogen to heat your home
Stay on natural gas if you do not wish to participate.

Under these proposals, those who opt in for hydrogen boiler will receive a full package of benefits in recognition of their contribution to the programme. This includes a £2,500 cash payment and brand-new hydrogen appliances, which will be installed and maintained for free for the programme duration. You can also choose whether you go all hydrogen – taking a hydrogen boiler, fire, and cooker – or opt for an electric cooker and/or fire, with hydrogen as your main heating source.

Following the programme, we’ll reconnect you to your natural gas supply and install brand-new natural gas appliances in your home, at no cost to you.

If you opt out, you will remain on natural gas, transported through a new gas main. We’ll need to come into your property for a few hours on conversion day to check everything’s working safely, during which time there will be an interruption to your gas supply, but otherwise you  can continue to use your natural gas appliances as normal.

The full details of our proposed offer to you can be found below and we’ve updated our FAQs.

Find out more

Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more details and information about what this means for you, and how to give your feedback on our revised plans. You can come and visit us at the Hydrogen Experience Centre, get in touch with us via the contact details on this website, or attend an upcoming event:

Information Drop-Ins

– Friday 31st March, 10am – 3.30pm, Ellesmere Port Civic Hall

– Tuesday 18th April, 2pm – 7pm, Hydrogen Experience Centre

– Wednesday 10th May, 2pm – 7pm, Hydrogen Experience Centre


– Wednesday 19th April, 6pm – 7pm, online – to sign up please use the following link

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