Cadent and British Gas are delighted to announce the launch of a dedicated fund to help local initiatives in the Whitby area.

The Whitby Community Fund will support projects and good causes within Whitby, Ellesmere Port that make a positive impact locally. It has been set up by a partnership between Cadent and British Gas established to deliver the Hydrogen Village project, which could see hydrogen gas supplied to Whitby for heating and cooking from 2025.

Following the announcement earlier this year that Whitby could become the location for this pioneering energy programme, the Hydrogen Village team have been working with the community to help better understand their needs, answer questions, and to discover ways in which the project could help to deliver wider benefits in the local area.

The launch of the Whitby Community Fund provides an opportunity to do just that, and the Hydrogen Village team would love to hear directly from residents about good causes that could benefit from this initiative.

In addition to any funds kindly donated by residents – opportunities for which will be advertised shortly – Cadent and British Gas will also be encouraging their employees to spend their (paid) allocation of two days volunteering per year to support good causes directly in the Whitby area.

If you know of a good cause that you think would benefit from the Whitby Community Fund, please email with some details of your chosen project and we will happily consider it.

Our website will be updated with information about how to donate to the Whitby Community Fund and how it is being used to support good causes locally, so please come back later to learn more.
In the meantime, if you would like to receive more regular information about the project and what the Hydrogen Village team has been up to in the local area, you can subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter here.