Hear from one of the first residents in the world who is using 100% hydrogen to heat their home.

Rob Oostendorp is a resident of the eastern Dutch town of Lochem where hydrogen is now being used in homes. The scheme, which went live in November 2022, is the first time hydrogen heating is being used anywhere in the world.

Mr. Oostendorp said, ‘We’re all proud to join this project, I had no hesitation to join the pilot, I never doubted the safety. When you have the chance to join such a pilot you have an obligation to do it’. You can listen to him here explaining in more detail about the conversion process and using 100% hydrogen to heat his home.


The town was chosen due to its older residential housing stock, meaning there were restrictions to the changes that could be made to the houses due to their heritage status.

The detached listed houses were all built around 1900 and have been equipped with a boiler which burns pure hydrogen with zero carbon emissions. The hydrogen is fed into the existing gas grid at a nearby industrial zone.

The local grid has been converted to pipe hydrogen instead of natural gas and the scheme will run for three years, ensuring extensive usage in wintertime, when heat demand peaks.

Engineers from Cadent and British Gas spent time in Lochem recently during a visit facilitated by Alliander, the local gas distribution network and Kiwa NV, Cadent’s consultants on hydrogen.