“The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has informed us that ours is not the preferred proposal for the Hydrogen Village trial. We understand that this means that the Government is likely to progress the trial in Redcar rather than in Whitby in Ellesmere Port.

“We know that this will be disappointing to the many residents who told us they wanted their community to play a pioneering role in decarbonising how we heat our homes in the UK. We are incredibly grateful to everyone in Whitby who has given us their time and attention over the last year as we have developed our proposal.

“We believe strongly in the role that hydrogen can play alongside other technologies and energy sources in reaching net zero. While Whitby won’t to be the location for the trial, the information we have gained over the last 12 months will still play an invaluable role in shaping how the UK heats its homes and businesses in the future.

“Reaching net zero and keeping the UK’s homes and businesses safely and securely supplied with energy needs the whole of society to work together. Should the trial progress in Redcar, it will be an important step forward: NGN have our best wishes and full support”.

“This isn’t goodbye from us to the residents of Whitby. Beyond a final decision from Government on the project location in the Autumn, we will continue to keep people in the community safe and warm as their gas distribution network. We will also continue to work relentlessly to make sure that our customers have access to options that meet their diverse needs on the journey to net zero.”