This is a joint statement from Cadent and Citizens Advice Cheshire West on the working agreement between the two parties:


Cadent had an agreement with Citizens Advice Cheshire West (CACW) to provide independent consumer advice to Whitby residents and to help vulnerable residents complete surveys if requested.

CACW were not contracted to provide technical advice on the project, however a high proportion of the queries they were receiving were of a technical nature. The agreement with CACW was therefore terminated on January 31st 2023.

As an organisation, Citizens Advice is still equipped and prepared to give consumers independent and impartial advice on a range of issues, including consumer rights, and can continue supporting Whitby residents to complete surveys. Anyone who wants to ask them for these services should contact them directly.

Cadent is in discussions with several other organisations to provide specialist independent advice to consumers in future stages of the programme.


Jason Bishop, Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Cheshire West

“Our decision to end involvement in this project is due confusion for residents regarding the nature of the advice we can provide in relation to the technical aspects of this project. We have received a number of enquiries from residents regarding the Hydrogen project itself, which our advisers are not in a position to answer.

“Our involvement in this project was based on the expectation of providing independent advice for the residents of Whitby Village on our existing areas of expertise such as debt, welfare and consumer rights. So it is not appropriate to continue any formal involvement in this project.

“The residents of Whitby Village can still contact us for advice and information on any social welfare issue, including their consumer rights.”